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                Food packaging machinery and other products list

                VideoFully Automatic pillow packaging machine

                model:ZHA-450 ZHA-590 ZHA-690 ZHA-800

                Fully automatic pillow packaging machine are widely used for packing a variety of solid products. The application of food packaging machine (instant noodle, bread, hamburg, biscuit, rice cake, frozen food), Cosmetic (Soap, napkin), Hardware fitting, machine elements (bearing), rubber product (tyre ) etc

                VideoServo control packaging machine

                model:ZHA-450 ZHA-590 ZHA-690 ZHA-800

                Servo control packaging machine is suitable for packing baby diaper, sanitary towel for ladies, soap, instant noodle, biscuit and similar food packing, can be also used for packing snack box, ice cream bar, fast noodle, moon cake, biscuit, bread, manufactured meat, frozen food, toilet soap, medicine plate, plastic transfusion, incense coil, industrial products, plastic knives and forks and so on

                VideoHeat Shrink Packaging machinery

                model:ZHA-450 ZHA-590 ZHA-690

                Fully automatic heat shrink packaging machine is suitable for outside heat shrinking packages of bowl packed instant noodle, bottle fruit milk, toothpaste, cosmetic ,hardware, electric elements, , and skin packages of soaps, group packages of drinks ,bowl instant noodle, mosquito Incense and daily-use cosmetics.

                Videoreverse film packaging machine

                model:ZHA-450X ZHA-590X

                Reverse film packaging machine are widely used for multi-material block instant noodles, fine dried noodles, rice flour, poly-sack soup condiment, solid lump, single stick etc.

                case Application
                Application spot show of our customer
                heat shrink packaging machine are using in Wahaha group
                fully automatic packaging machine was sent to Union Member
                Servo control packaging machine
                the application of food packaging machine on- the -spot
                whole processing supplied for foreign custom
                overseas customers come to negotiate
                exchange of technical details
                on- the- spot demonstration
                over customers begin production

                Qingdao Joinworld Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the enterprise manufacturing wrapping machines professionally. It is located in the urban district of Qingdao, China , a developed international coastal city.
                Our products with the international advanced level have passed the European CE certification. It mainly includes series of fully automatic pillow-type wrapping machines, heat-shrunk wrapping machines, servo control wrapping machines, reverse film wrapping machines and accessories such as various automatic feeding machines, heat-shrunk stoves, conveyors, and so on. These products are widely suitable for various packages in dairy farming, foodstuffs, commodities, industrial products etc.?

                he product quality of joinworld is recognized
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