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                Company Profile

                Click Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a click Science & Technology Information (Hong Kong) International Co., Ltd. set up branches in the mainland. Is a professional engaged in computer hardware and software R & D, manufacturing and system integration of high-tech enterprise. The company into a comprehensive ISO9001 quality assurance system for years to insist on "quality first, honest and trustworthy" principle, to high quality and good after-sales service, won universal acclaim from users all over the country and around the dealers generally recognized. The company develops smart card products, security products, communication products, bar code identification equipment and intelligent terminal products have been all over the country businesses, schools, enterprises and institutions such as the 10000 has been successfully applied, a number of products won the national invention patents, products have been exported to Southeast Asia, the United States and Taiwan. 
                Click Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. has been identified as consistent with "encouraging the software industry and integrated circuit industry, the development of a number of policy" and "software enterprise certification standards and management methods" software enterprises, "click on Attendance Management System", "click the catering charge management system"," click on patrol management system "and many other management systems have also been identified as consistent with" encouraging the software industry and integrated circuit industry, the development of a number of policy "and" software enterprise certification standards and management methods "software system and enjoy the country's multi - preferential policies. Click on Technology Investment by established hits of information technology, specializing in mobile communications derivative product development and promotional work, as China Mobile Group's business partners, relying on a strong science and technology R & D capabilities click. Mobile office products and strive to become a leader in the field. The company's registered trademark for the "CLICK", "click", "C".